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As I am a passionate traveler myself, I know what is really important when traveling - to feel like a local no matter which country you go to. It's awesome when you have a friend living at your travel destination but what if you don't? Friendly advice can help a lot! Moscow is a splendid city but unlike a more frequently visited St.Petersburg, our capital isn't very easy to get around. It's busy, dynamic, all major sites are spread out. I like to compare Moscow with a coconut: once you crack it open, you'll get to try its sweet taste. I'll be more than happy to help you get to the soft inside of Moscow. Tell me your interests, and I'll suggest you what to see and what to avoid; how to use public transportation; trendy restaurants and bars; where to do sports and many more! Cheers! Dasha

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Tip - A day in Moscow must haves
A day in Moscow must haves
Patriarshiye ponds is a perfect neighborhood to explore trendy coffee shops, restaurants, and wine bars. It's definitely better to book a table a day/a few hours in advance if you're planning a dinner on Friday/over the weekend. Use the Foursquare app to read reviews, scroll through photos, and look up contact details.