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Expert - Nick Passakas
Nick Passakas
I love the city of Toronto and have managed to explore much of it over my year living here, I am happy to share my knowledge and advice for anyone planning a visit, as there is so much to see in this city. I am very familiar with the city's numerous neighborhoods and their unique characteristics, food and shopping choices. My favorite way to see the city is on my bike or on foot and can give you lots of great itineraries on routes to take through it. Although I prefer to travel on a budget, I know much about the city's luxurious side as well. Aside from Toronto, the surrounding region has much to explore the wonders of Niagara Falls to the beautiful cottage country in the north - if you are looking for day trips from here I can guide you along the way as well. I hope to provide you with a fantastic and unforgettable trip to this lovely place I get to call home.

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Tip - Best Way To Explore The City
Best Way To Explore The City
Rent a bike to explore the city! You will be able to reach amazing places, get some exercise and pace yourself as you go.