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Expert - Marcus
Having enjoyed the hidden trails of other countries, I constantly ask myself how best can I offer others the same experience in own country. So far, the tourists that drop by the Starbucks I work in are always keen to listen to the hacks to and hidden trails in Singapore. Sometimes, the locals themselves are eager to listen in. Some of the information includes where to find the really good chicken rice, what are the locals eating and not forgetting where to find value for money shopping. I don't do it for the tips, I do it so everyone and anyone may enjoy the country I love.

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My Tips and articles

Tip - No Tipping Policy
No Tipping Policy
At a restaurant or any other place - No tips necessary but always welcomed
Tip - Politeness towards elders
Politeness towards elders
Address every senior person as “Uncle” or “Auntie”. it does not mean you are related by kin, just that you are acknowledging seniority