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Expert - Mirela Kozhuharova
Mirela Kozhuharova
Exploring the hidden places of the city is my hobby. I'm always searching for new and alternative cafes, restaurants, artistic areas where you can find interesting people or try exotic food. I like to share my experience with my friends, family, and guests and they always know, that when they go out with me they will be surprised with something unknown. Through the years I got to know the many faces of Sofia and started loving it for each one them!

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Tip - Care for some Bulgarian Chocolate?
Care for some Bulgarian Chocolate?
Picking just one place is truly hard. But still there is one I always show to my friends and guests. It is a cafe/chocolaterie called "Apartamenta" ("The Apartment" in Bulgarian). It is situated on a whole floor of an old building in the center of Sofia, it has a very art atmosphere and you can always meet interesting people in there. Each room of the apartment is decorated in a different style and they make the best homemade tea and chocolate cake (as well as many other foods and drinks). You really feel like home!