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Expert - Natalie Fisher
Natalie Fisher
I have lived in the Emerald City for a good part of my life and have been fortunate to live downtown for the past 4 years. Though I live here, I like to spend my free time as a tourist for experiencing different things and eat like a local. I can share many different experiences, perhaps you're looking for a more outdoorsy experience, experience a more sophisticated party of the city, want a good balance of free (but awesome) and paid for tours, see the more funky or eclectic parts of Seattle, or maybe some suggestions for great restaurants? I can definitely provide any and all of those things!

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Tip - Seattle Scenic Route
Seattle Scenic Route
Greenlake is an awesome place to visit and is close the U District so if you're looking for a ~3 mile walk around a scenic area, or want to tour some funky stores this is the area to go.