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Expert - Iya Maria
Iya Maria
Born in the Philippines. "I work in software testing and I am a full-time traveler. I am trying to visit all regions (if not provinces) in my country and some nearby countries in the South East Asia. Curiosity about other people's culture and traditions makes me want to travel the world. I love making itineraries, searching for less-crowded-remote places, detour...anything out of the ordinary urban life. If friends need advice on their trips and contact persons for the accommodation and tour, I offer them customized itineraries based on their needs/plan. There's this island located in the southern part of the Davao region in the Philippines, very few Filipinos know about it, called Talicud Island. It is part of the Island Garden City of Samal which is just an hour away from Davao City. Talicud Island boasts fine-white sand beaches and azure waters. Aside from that, there are marine sanctuaries that won't disappoint snorkelers and divers."

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