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Expert - Anyuta Wiazemsky
Anyuta Wiazemsky
Hi, my name is Anyuta Wiazemsky. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia, but already for three years I live in this wonderful and beautiful city of Ghent. I fell in love with it from my very first moments when I saw a cafe 'Trefpunt' next to Sint-Jacobs church and then Sint-Niklaas church and breath-taking Sint-Baafs cathedral. Ever since my very favourite place is shortcut along the water, aside the building of Meat market, where I come sometimes in the evening to enjoy the sight and read. Little by little I collected knowledge about the city and its history, about two years ago I started working here as a guide. So, in short, you should chose me as your expert for this town as I combine the passion and curiosity of a new-comer with knowledge and experience of a local.

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Tip - Unsure When to Travel to Belgium?
Unsure When to Travel to Belgium?
If you decided you want to visit Ghent but not sure in which time of the year. I can recommend you an exact day when you should be here. Every year on second Sunday of September there's an Open Monument Day. Ghent has long and rich history and you can hardly avoid bumping into a building with its own story. Yet, not all of them are open for the visitors. Except for one day in year, which, as you have already guessed, is called an Open Monument Day. In 2016 it's gonna be on September, 11th. A few must-see's: Vooruit and Backstay Hostel which were in the heart of the Flemish communist movement together with Ons Huis, Emile Braunschool, which was initially built to serve as a Jesuit monastery, and d'Hane Steenhuyse, famous for having such guests as Alexander I, John Quincy Adams or Louis XVIII.