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Expert - Anna Sidorenko
Anna Sidorenko
I love to communicate with people. I have travel knowledge and experience to share. And I'm really inspired about helping people to open new areas in the most comfortable way - when you don't have stress about anything :) I love my native city and know a lot of places that are not so obvious but no less interesting to see or visit. Thanks to large travel experience I think that can anticipate many questions about the trip and help travelers to get maximum great impressions. What do you know about Moscow? Such names like Red Square and the Kremlin, Bolshoi theater and Tretyakov gallery or such associations as USSR and communism, “matryoshka” and “babushka”, caviar and vodka could come to your mind when thinking about the capital of Russia. My name is Anna and I live in Moscow all of 35 years of mine. My true inspiration is travel guiding. And I’d love to share with you with my “out-of-the-box” Moscow tours. You’ll spend a day (or two, or more) almost as muscovite. You’ll have opportunity to see not only well-known sights but become part of real citizens’ life – take Moscow metro (and make sure that it’s peace of art) and tram, pass spacious avenues, get to interesting concert or street festival, have lunch in trendy little café, have rest in one of several recently renovated parks in center of Moscow, take part in drawing or cooking real Russian food master-class, go shopping to one of the biggest shop center in Europe in picturesque old building and even see typical residential quarters (maybe have a chance to have dinner with Moscow family in their flat)… and all of this - with real Russian soul feeling. And of course nightlife – huge amount of variants. You’ll need only to give your preferencesJ Hope my knowledge of not-so-obvious places in Moscow will help you to make your trip more impressive and memorable – to come again J

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Tip - Water Boats In Moscow
Water Boats In Moscow
During all warm months from the end of April until the end of October, there are several Moscow river water bus routes functioning. It's cheaper to buy ticket online (the day before the trip for example) - for an adult, the price is 400 rubles ($6.30) per person, for a child under 12 years old - 200 rubles ($3.15).