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Expert - Amelia Rivera Barreto
Amelia Rivera Barreto
I love living in Berlin! I am a big foodie, history nerd, love art and I'm a professional musician and anthropologist, so this city pretty much brings together all of my favorite things. I have seen the city by foot, bike, train, car and even boat and enjoy exploring all kinds of activities and new corners every day. I have visited most museums, castles, memorials, music venues and constantly stay up date with festivals, organic markets, concerts, etc... so I'm pretty confident that once I know what you would like to do, I'll be able to plan your perfect visit to Berlin!

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Tip - Organic Foodie On Thursdays
Organic Foodie On Thursdays
My fav spot for grabbing lunch on a Thursday is the ├ľkomarkt in Kollwitzplatz. You can find organic dahl and waffles, crepes, fresh pasta and dry fruits in the kiosks that are set up in the north part of the park. A meeting place for farmers and cooks since 1996! + You get to interact with some of the friendliest people and see my favorite side of the Berlin foodie scene.