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Expert - Dima Dreyer
Dima Dreyer
I always have this idea in the back of my mind "why one should be attached to certain place, why doesn't everyone moves in a home on wheels for example." Little bit about myself, When I was 21 I decided to study animation and illustration, I went to the United Kingdom and finish my B.A degree. Since I've been working in the industry of advertising as an animator and graphic designer. I am now 32, all these years I've been sitting in the office of an advertising agencies and I didn't feel right. I was always drawn to adventures and traveling. One of my biggest passions is photography, I'm doing it for many years now, so for the past 10 years every year two on my 2 weeks vacation I was traveling to different place (sometimes the same) and taking some wonderful photographs, but it was never enough I felt that I need to do this all the time. so I did some research about traveling and earning money as a photographer and I quit my job to became full-time freelance photographer and the teacher(I teach photography and post-processing, for individual or in small groups). So far it's been going great I've been too many new places and meat a lot of very nice people. Now I am in Northern Thailand in the city of Chiang Mai, I've been here three times before I came to live here for a long term. So I have lots of interesting information about Bangkok, North Thailand and North Laos. If you would like I will share some of my experience with you or if you need some info that I don't know I can research it for you, as I have a lot of experience in researching for travel. I am also constantly traveling so I know about some great locations around the world, such as Prague, New Hampshire white Mountain USA, Berlin and more...

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