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Expert - Hidemi Takagi
Hidemi Takagi
Born and raised in Tokyo, I know and love this city like no one else! I am a graphic designer and a photographer and as such, I experience shooting pictures in many events, traditional festivals, shrines ceremonies, galleries opening, shop renewals, restaurant opening and many other places. I feel the Tokyo beat through my work as well as through my personal interests. For me, my work is not just a job, it is a passion I pursue and enjoy every moment of it. If you need advice about Tokyo or Kyoto, want to know what is happening, where and when, how best to spend your short time in any of those two cities and their surrounding areas, or just want to know how to have some serious fun while in Tokyo or Kyoto, check out my travel plans or send me a request with the dates you plan to visit the city. Tokyo is a very fast pace place, nothing stays still and things change quickly, but if you want to be on top of it all, get in touch and I will let you know what’s going on now or what will be happening when you plan to come to Japan. Kyoto is a beautiful and ancient place dressed up with a new modern atmosphere of the 21st century. If you need to know where are the hottest places to go, where to find the best restaurants, where to enjoy Kyoto outskirts and how to spend your time in unique and hidden spots only locals know about, let me know and I will be glad to work on your special travel plan. If you wish to combine your trip with both Tokyo and Kyoto, that is also possible. Just let me know the dates you wish to spend in each city and I will arrange for you a beautiful and well balanced travel plan that will allow you to enjoy modern Tokyo and ancient Kyoto in one wonderful trip!

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Tip - Looking for a magical summer night in Tokyo?
Tip - Where to throw away the trash?
Where to throw away the trash?
It is extremely important not to leave any trash anywhere. In festival and night events there are usually large bins located every 50 meters. In case you can not find a trash bin close by, simply walk to any convenient store, trash cans are available to use right at the entrance. Remember to separate your trash - plastic, metal cans & burnable.
Tip - Cherry Blossom Viewing like an Emperor!
Cherry Blossom Viewing like an Emperor!
Kyoto Imperial Palace can be entered only with reserved guided tour, but if you want to get a glimpse of the beautiful Cherry Blossom there without going into the palace, try get to Kyoto Gyoen, the park which surrounds the Imperial Palace. It is a beautiful serene place and you do not to reserve any tour for that - simply walk in, sit on a bench and enjoy the vibe!
Tip - Free WiFi in Japan!
Tip - Follow the Blossom
Tip - Your Tips Are not Wanted Here
Your Tips Are not Wanted Here
That's right! Although around the world, I have never seen any place where tips are not a welcome gesture from a happy customer, in Japan, it is simply a taboo you should try to avoid. It is unimaginable for a Japanese person to accept a tip and is considered extremely rude to offer one. Save your money, and save the uncomfortable feeling and weirdness you might get in case you try to give anyone a tip. If you drop a tip in a Taxi or somewhere, you will find the taxi driver running after you to return your tip!
Tip - Don't worry about the quakes!
Don't worry about the quakes!
Earthquakes are quite common in the Japanese Islands. As they sit on the edge of massive tectonic plates that are constantly shifting and moving. But Japan is the best place on earth for a quake, meticulously built to survive earthquakes of high magnitude, you are mostly safe. Don’t forget to take cover under a table or hard surface, just in case something falls.