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Expert - Natalia Kleynberg
Natalia Kleynberg
Once I moved to US I developed a huge passion for travelling. And having a chance to try the best farm to the table food in my home country Ukraine, I became a big fan of good food! Wherever I travel i try to find the best local produce, and the best traditional local eateries. I adore France with its fresh baguettes and smelly cheeses, I am in love with Mexico and its simply made guacamole and refreshing tequila, I can't get over Spanish jamon, which you'll find only there, and let's not forget New York with its fantastic morning salmon bagels. And there are so many-many more places to see and to try! I am also a nature lover, so if you are into long city walks or trail hiking, we would definitely have something in common! For the last few years I have been travelling to France, Spain, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Island of Aruba. I have been living in New York for almost 4 years now, and I am still exploring this fantastic city that never sleeps!

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