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Expert - Stephanie Pascal
Stephanie Pascal
The Big Apple, The City That Never Sleeps, The Concrete Jungle, The Melting Pot, The City So Nice They Named it Twice, whichever name you may know it by, New York City is one of a kind. The excitement, the action, and the diversity of New York City draws millions of travelers to this tourist destination. I, too, was fascinated by the endless possibilities this city offers. Born and raised in New Jersey, I was always just a short train ride away from New York, but, wanting more, I moved to The City to attend university. After years of exploring what New York has to offer, I know just the place for every occasion. Whether it be specialty restaurants, boutique hotels, relaxing spas, beautiful parks, Broadway theaters, designer stores, art museums, rooftop bars, dance clubs, concert venues, or famous landmarks, each unique destination will invite you in to experience the culture which makes New York City just the icon that it is. There truly is something here for everyone- families, couples, singles, travelers, artists, or intellectuals, New York City will not fail to impress! New York City is my home, and I love it, and with the right guidance, tailored to your personal interests, I know you will too!

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