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Expert - Lynn Sheppard
Lynn Sheppard
I first visited Morocco in 2001. I found the people incredibly hospitable, the architecture and crafts inspiring and the colours (the blue skies, sunsets in the Sahara, the spices and handwoven rugs) dazzling. I stayed in a riad (Moroccan townhouse) and there began my dream of living in Morocco. True love never dies and in 2012, after taking a redundancy package from a 13 year career as a public official and diplomat, I moved to Morocco! Living for 2.5 years in Essaouira, on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, I developed my own blog and website (, social media presence and brand as a freelance writer and project manager, winning US, Moroccan and international non-profit and business clients and becoming an expert on all things Swiri (ie. Essaouiran). My friends call me the 'go-to' girl on what's on in Essaouira and I am about to publish an e-guide to Essaouira. I have travelled extensively around Morocco and work with a number of travel industry clients on content management, social media, reviews, itineraries and all other things Morocco-related.

My Expertise Includes