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Expert - Leah Blewett
Leah Blewett
When people ask what I do for a living, my friends joke that I’m a “professional New Yorker.” Actually, it’s true: as a food and travel writer (and a long-time waitress and bartender), I’m paid to eat and drink my way around town, and then paid again to write about it. So whether you’re looking for an authentic NYC steakhouse or a dive bar full of local color, I can point you in the right direction – and point out great things to see and do along the way. When I’m through with you, you’ll navigate the famously knotted alleys of the West Village, hate the Boston Red Sox, and pronounce “Houston Street” like a real New Yorker.

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Tip - Bridge the Gap
Bridge the Gap
There are more than a few reasons to venture to Brooklyn these days, and no shortage of ways to get there, including – you guessed it – walking over the Brooklyn Bridge. While the span is less steep than its counterparts, I’m partial to the taller, less-traveled Manhattan Bridge, which offers views of both shores, plus a sweeping panoramic vista of its more famous little brother just downstream.
Tip - They call me mellow yellow
They call me mellow yellow
When hailing a cab in Manhattan, look for yellow cabs with a light on the roof, which means they’re available. The light green cars are “Boro Taxis” and forbidden to pick you up here, while black cars will often charge you more than twice the price – and don’t have to accept credit cards.