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Expert - Lauren Bonheim
Lauren Bonheim
Experiencing different places and cultures is my favorite pastime. I have been traveling the world since before I could walk and have picked up some great tips and tricks along the way. After studying and working in Madrid during college, I am now back in this amazing city to teach English and learn more and more about the Spanish culture along the way.

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Tip - Don't miss dinner time
Don't miss dinner time
Dinner in Madrid starts late, most restaurants only open at 21:00.
Keep this in mind when you make plans.
Tip - Lauren On Location
Tip - Beware of pick pockets
Tip - Walking in Madrid
Walking in Madrid
Madrid is a VERY walkable city. Don't let the public transportation system suck you in. As clean and modern as the Madrid metro may seem, walking is a much more enjoyable way to see the city.