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Expert - Eugene Williams
Eugene Williams
"Curious or inquisitive by nature, I love to explore and find the interesting places.. added to that, I have an incredible gift for being able to talk and relate to people from across the age and academic spectrum. Having spent fifteen years working as an administrator at UCT (University of Cape Town) my experience of having to deal with academics and students (undergrad and postgrad) gave me invaluable insight into people. My interests are also varied, foremost is travel, but I am interested in art, science and history and of course politics, and I have a great love of all (ok not really heavy metal) music which exposes one to different cultures.

Having grown up in Africa's wide open spaces, clear skies, insects and animals, and the latter part of my stay in beautiful Cape Town, living five minutes walk from the beach, I won't lie, it was quite a culture shock for me to move from sweet quiet Fish Hoek to grand Paris, but I think that this gives me an edge on life in a big city, I see things differently and I am happy to be exposed to new sights and sounds... it's almost like a new life.

So I have immersed myself in the Parisian way of life, the markets, the festivals, the parks and I try to explore as much as possible, even using the local Velib city bicycle network.. I have an eye to see things differently!

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Tip - Space invaders in Paris
Space invaders in Paris
"It's a silly thing, but something that excites me, there are over a thousand SpaceInvaders in Paris... I could show you one or two, and you will be hooked to find the rest...