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Expert - Nhan
When I turned 30, I plucked up the courage to move to Paris, in pursuit of those red potted geraniums on a classic French wrought iron balcony, the stuff dreams were made of! It was something that I had always wanted to do and so, before I knew it, I had quit my job, packed up my life and taken the plunge. During the first 18 months, I had over 40 visitors pass through Paris and each time someone came, I would be excited to show them a little piece of Paris that they would appreciate and find interesting. Whether it was something kid-friendly, dessert-themed, transient street art, an interesting exhibition on show or a hidden cocktail bar. I was constantly on the lookout for the unique and the off-the-beaten-track. Something truly local that wasn't necessarily featured in their guide books to add to the essential and not to be missed parts of Paris! What started off as simply being more than happy to show my family and friends around, quickly turned into a successful blog, freelance writing propositions, an invitation to blog for a prominent Anglophone network and now, the opportunity to come on board the fantastic team at Voyjer where I can get back to where it all started, sharing with you what I find in this breathtaking City of Light.

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