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Voyjer connects travelers with like minded locals for creating the best travel experience. Our experts will draw out a full itinerary for your next trip, pointing out all the best places to see / eat / sleep and more. To get the most out of your next trip, let our experts do the planning. Fill in your details and we will provide an offer, no obligations, no charges.

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Tips for Trips

Travel tip: Shanghai

Double decker buses are always a fun way to see the city. The Shanghai government has it's own bus running for only $3.5 a day. Make sure you use the one marked "CityBusTour" (instead of the competition that takes $35 for the same thing).

Travel tip: Paris

The "Les Passages" are filled with small quaint shops. A perfect place for a nice afternoon stroll on a rainy day.

Travel tip: Israel

The Wailing Wall is one of the most sacred places to Jews. Archaeologist have dug out the old remains of the wall so you can walk the caves below the wall to witness history with your own eyes.

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